Latest Covid Situation and impact on the Village Hall 
The government relaxed Covid restrictions on community buildings, including village hall, in July. The government has emphasised the fact that the pandemic is not over and there will be more cases, hospitalisations and deaths as society and the economy reopen. For that reason, vigilance must be maintained and people are being asked to make informed decisions and act carefully and proportionately to manage the risks to themselves and others. Personal responsibility is the key. 
The Village Hall Committee has considered the government’s announcements and decided that it wishes the village hall to get back to normal operation as quickly as possible whilst maintaining some of the safety precautions introduced back in May. 
The aim is to strike a balance to reopen the facility whilst maintaining personal safety. It is recognised that some members of the public want to get back to some level of normality as soon as possible whilst others will still feel uneasy or nervous if arrangements are relaxed too quickly. 
The hall is available for any type of booking in the normal way, there are no capacity or special limits, social distancing is voluntary, kitchen and catering services can operate as normal, and there is no need for one-way systems within the hall. However, NHS Test and Trace will continue. 
So, from 19 July the Covid Risk Assessment introduced in May will no longer be applied. Hirers and users will be asked to take responsibility for the way they operate.  
Hirers will be encouraged to continue to follow these guidelines: 
• Although there is no longer a legal requirement for the wearing of face protection, it is recommended that users and event organisers consider the risks involved if large numbers of people are involved. The wearing of face masks in some situations can be extremely beneficial and hirers will be asked to consider when it is appropriate for users to wear one. 
• The Village Hall Committee will continue to display the NHS test & Trace QR code at the entrance, along with sheets to record names and contact details of visitors. These details will be kept for twenty-one days and if requested, supplied to the NHS Test & Trace service. Hirers will be encouraged to ask all users to use the QR code or leave their contact details. 
• The Village Hall Committee will continue to provide hand sanitisation points at the entrance and elsewhere in the hall so that people can still sanitise when they choose to. Posters encouraging the use of sanitiser and regular hand washing will continue to be displayed. 
• Hirers will be reminded of the value of maintaining ventilation in enclosed spaces. They will be encouraged to leave the main entrance door and fire exit ajar and to open windows. 
• The Village Hall Committee will continue its regular cleaning regime and hirers will be encouraged to continue to exercise sensible cleaning arrangements, though this will not be a condition of hire. 
• The Village Hall Committee will update its Conditions of Hire accordingly, ensuring that these new guidelines are brought to the attention of all hirers at the time of booking. 
Free use of hall for organised activities 
Free use of the hall is available to existing and new group activities (this does not include commercial one-off or private hires for parties and social functions) until 31 December 2021. This is intended to encourage a new range of activities to get going. Confirmed bookings in the diary: 
Art classes – 10am to 12 noon each Monday to 18 November. 
My Time Yoga – 1.30 to 2.45pm – every Monday. 
Boccia Club – 1.30 to 3.30pm every Tuesday. More participants welcome. 
Squirrels - 5 to 6pm every Tuesday 
Beavers - 6.15 to 7.15pm every Tuesday 
Soup & Sweet lunch - 12 noon to 1pm on alternate Wednesdays 
Boot Camp – 7 to 8pm every Wednesday. 
Cubs - 7 to 8pm every Wednesday. 
Pammy’s Pilates – 6 to 7pm, every Thursday evening. 
Indoor Carpet Bowls – 7.30 to 9.30pm every Thursday. 
Boot Camp – 7 to 8pm every Friday. 
Scouts (from October onwards) - 7.30 to 10pm every Friday. 
Topcliffe & Asenby Village Hall Committee – 7.15pm Wednesday 29 September. 
Topcliffe Parish Council meeting – 7.15pm on Thursday, 7 October. 
Asenby Parish Council meeting – 7.30pm on Wednesday, 17 November. 
Events planned for last year that had to be postponed due to the pandemic will be rescheduled in due course. Watch out for details of the Big Race Night and Challenge Quiz. 
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