Historic Topcliffe 

Thank you to Anne-Marie Barningham for providing many postcards of Topcliffe, as it looked many years ago. There are 43 images contained in this collection. All the images have been scanned at 200dpi and some images have had some post-processing work to resolve some of the image ageing issues. These will be highlighted. Where possible an image is given a year. This will usually relate to the post stamp on the rear of the postcard. 
Long Street - adjusted 
Angel - adjusted 
Angel 1912 
Angel 1912 - adjusted 
Church 1938 
Church - adjusted 
Church - adjusted 
Church - adjusted 
Church Street 
Church Street - adjusted 
Church Street 1944 - Doctor’s on right 
Football 1912 
Front Street - Shop on right 
Front Street - Post Office/Shop 
Front Street 
Front Street 
Front Street 1903 
Long Street 
Long Street - Barningham’s shop left. Note cow and woman left. 
Long Street 
Long Street 
Old School - now shop 
Old School - adjusted 
Toll Booth 1903 
Long Street 1905 - Butcher’s on right. Dog laid on road. 
Topcliffe Mill 
Topcliffe Mill - adjusted 
Art Postcard 1905 - 1909 - School house on bottom image. 
Art Postcard 
Aret Postcard 1935 
Railway Station - Looking east over A167 MAP 
Topcliffe - adjusted 
Topcliffe - adjusted, Barningham’s shop top left 
Topcliffe - adjusted 
Topcliffe 1909 - adjusted 
Topcliffe 1950 - adjusted 
Vicarage 1928 - adjusted 
Topcliffe 1943 - Fred Chess, a Flight Officer with the Canadian Air Force, stationed at the Topcliffe Royal Canadian Air Force Base. Job believed to be to crew the bombers, ensuring that the men would be compatible with one another during the stresses of flying missions. 
Topcliffe Mill 1964 
Topcliffe 1965 
Topcliffe Mid 60's 
Topcliffe Mid 60's 
Topcliffe Railway Station images click here 
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